Comprehensive Maintenance Products

As a leading supplier of industrial service diesel engines, we are committed to providing the largest stocked inventory of parts, engines, kits, and filters on the West Coast. Our team of parts experts are knowledgeable and sourced from among the best in the industry.

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Genuine Perkins Parts

Engine Temprature Matters

Cooling Systems

The cooling system is vital in keeping your Perkins engine running at optimum, preventing engines from overheating and breaking down. Running too hot means the engine is in danger of overheating, resulting in damage to internal components. Our cooling system components include genuine Perkins coolant relief valves, fan belts, pulleys, radiator systems, thermostats, and water pumps.

Keeping your equipment running smoothly

Engines, Cylinders, and Major Components

Your vehicle’s most critical system involves the cylinder head and block, pistons, rings, connecting rods, flywheels, crank and camshaft; every part of the engine is produced to exacting tolerances by Perkins. The difference between genuine and non-genuine parts may be small, but the risks of fitting non-genuine can be significant. The good news is, Perkins Pacific has the largest availability of both new and reman Perkins engine cores in North America. We also offer genuine Perkins motor oil and lubricants.

Starting it up relies on us


Your engine’s effectiveness and dependability are reliant on its starting and charging systems being in top condition. Purchasing genuine Perkins electrical and electronics such as alternators, control modules, glow and spark plugs, sensors, solenoids, and start motors ensures your Perkins product maintains correct specifications and will deliver optimum power and confidence.

Precision Fuel Volume

Fuel Systems

Our genuine Perkins fuel systems are thoroughly tested over tens of thousands of hours to ensure they offer optimum performance, and meet emissions standards. We supply Perkins fuel pumps, injectors, and nozzles.

Pint-sized but huge for engine longevity

Gaskets and Seals

Although small, seals are a critical component to operation of your engine. A properly-functioning and fitting seal helps retain engine oil and prevent contaminants from entering the engine, which could result in larger problems down the road. Reusing old gaskets can result in a poor seal, increasing the possibility of leakage. Our Perkins genuine parts supply includes air system gasket and seals, auxiliary drive gasket and seals, and Perkins cooling system gasket and seals.

Boosting Engine Performance

Air Systems

The amount and pressure of air in your engine is just as critical as the fuel you use. A turbocharger can produce 40% more energy than a naturally aspirated engine of the same configuration. Fuel economy of diesel engines can also be improved. Our Perkins replacement turbochargers are an easy solution to get your equipment back up and running as quickly as possible. Genuine Perkins intercoolers, which cool and increase the density of the air supplied by the turbocharger, are also available.

Keeping Engines Legal


Filters trap soot, ash, and other particulates, and can have serious consequences reducing the efficiency and effectiveness of your engine if it doesn’t receive regular attention. Ultimately, if the filter fails the particulates is has been trapping will enter the engine, resulting in costs from damage that greatly exceed the savings of not changing the filtration. Genuine Perkins filters, including air filters, fuel filters, oil filters, Perkins breathers, and Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs), are covered by a 12 month warranty. We also carry Donaldson Filters.

Fluids extend life and enhance operation


Our genuine Perkins hardware includes everything from gas and radiator caps to dipsticks. Engine oils, coolants, and cleaning and conditioning fluids are also vital to your equipment’s life. Change fluid often and use formulas designed specifically for your equipment to help extend its life and performance. Perkins Pacific supplies genuine fluids, other hardware and consumables for your vehicles.