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Reman Engines

Remanufactured Perkins Engines

Give your equipment a second life with a remanufactured Perkins engine. Our reman engines are a cost effective option to power your equipment with like-new performance and highly reliable operation. Perkins Pacific has a large inventory of cores ready to be remanufactured for the application you need, and has a production capacity of up to 1,000 reman engines each year. We can ship stock engines immediately and non-stock engines typically within 72 hours.


Our remanufactured engines offer up to 50% cost savings over new engine purchase.


Each reman engine from Perkins Pacific provides ultimate reliability and advanced technology that Perkins engines are trusted for.


The manufacturing process used to build each engine is backed by decades of experience and fine tuning.

Our Reman Process

Take a look at how our reman process delivers a world-class engine at top value:

Disassemble, Clean & Inspect
Disassemble, Clean & Inspect
Disassemble, Clean & Inspect
Disassemble, Clean & Inspect
Disassemble, Clean & Inspect
Parts Replacement & Machining
Engine Prep & Assembly
Engine Prep & Assembly
Dyno Testing, Painting & Packaging
Dyno Testing, Painting & Packaging
Dyno Testing, Painting & Packaging

Remanufacturing of an engine core returned from an OEM or operator begins with an initial cleaning with a high-pressure hose to steam clean the core.

The core is then disassembled.

Perkins Pacific

The cast iron and steel pieces are separated and taken to a wash cabinet that utilizes a caustic solution. The pieces are then rinsed and dried. Smaller components go to a separate cabinet where those pieces are cleaned using a machine that mimics sandblasting. But instead of using sand, a much less abrasive medium like plastic or glass is used. The pieces are rinsed and dried after cleaning.

Once the big castings like the block and head are finished in the wash area, we check them using a dry or wet magnaflux process to make sure there are no cracks or defects.

Components are checked using a variety of methods to ensure integrity.

The blocks, heads, crankshafts and other large components are taken to the machine shop where our technicians make any needed repairs.

Replacement parts are collected and components that have been repaired are gathered.

The more than 700 pieces are carefully laid out on carts for the engine assemblers to begin putting the engines back together.

The rebuilt engine is connected to a dyno machine. The engine is started and during the 60-minute run time is put through a battery of tests to make sure it’s performing to our exacting standards.

Once the engine passes dyno testing, it’s taken to our paint booth where it receives a primer coat and then paint.

After the paint has dried, the engine is bagged, tagged and prepared for shipment. The unit might also go into storage for a later shipment.

Replacement Core Tags

In the event that your Remanufactured Perkins engine arrives without the core return tag, click on the link to download and print a tag. Fill out the tag and securely attach it to the engine core before shipping.

Shipping Instructions
Download Reman Core Tag
Download SRE Core Tag