Reman Engines

Remanufactured Perkins Engines

Give your equipment a second life with a remanufactured Perkins engine. Our reman engines are a cost effective option to power your equipment with like-new performance and highly reliable operation. Perkins Pacific has a large inventory of cores ready to be remanufactured for the application you need, and has a production capacity of up to 10,000 reman engines each year. We can ship stock engines immediately and non-stock engines typically within 72 hours.


Our remanufactured engines offer up to 50% cost savings over new engine purchase.


Each reman engine from Perkins Pacific provides ultimate reliability and advanced technology that Perkins engines are trusted for.


The manufacturing process used to build each engine is backed by decades of experience and fine tuning.

Our Reman Process


Take a look at how our reman process delivers a world-class engine at top value:

Core Return

An old engine core is returned to our facility in Ridgefield, WA from an OEM or operator.

Cleaning and Disassembly

Each engine is taken apart and even the smallest pieces are cleaned and inspected. Castings are magnafluxed to check for cracks and defects.

Parts Replacement and Machining

Any less-than-new parts are replaced with genuine Perkins parts, and engines are machined to meet exact OEM specs.

Dyno Testing

The completed engine is dyno tested to verify all specs, including horsepower and engine parameters through varying loads.

Delivery Prep

The finished engine is mounted on a metal skid with additional parts such as water pump, injection pump and turbo depending on the model.

Ready For Delivery

Each reman engine from Perkins Pacific is backed by a one year parts and labor warranty.