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At Perkins Pacific, we value our employees and value the unique experience and skills that they bring to our organization. We offer rewarding careers with opportunity for growth and advancement, and seek to help our team members build their own success.

We’re dedicated to our core values: our company has a culture of continuous improvement, a commitment to innovation and optimized processes that effectively bring together the skills of our team to build growth and efficiency.

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7386c387-fabd-4d33-b91b-a0ba9b8cfe6f Service Tech 2 Oklahoma City, OK Technicians & Craft Workers 08/20/2019
43887154-1fb1-4e57-9f35-bea0c7c9c1c8 Engine Prep Specialist Ridgefield, WA Technicians & Craft Workers 08/15/2019
db700552-be5d-427a-8d9b-3e2ea8d33a14 Production Control Admin Ridgefield, WA Support Workers 08/15/2019
5b39c0a7-b0c4-40cc-a7b0-d1396f89bf30 Parts Coordinator Ridgefield, WA Support Workers 08/15/2019
ff0c8144-741f-4552-bc1e-a227844ad825 Assembly Technician-Level 1 Ridgefield, WA Technicians & Craft Workers 08/06/2019
4da21419-f832-4a63-93a0-80fbdaa0c558 Mechanical Application Engineer Ridgefield, WA Support Workers 07/26/2019